Photography services FAQs

I am not your “Come on over for a few minutes and snap some quick photos” photographer. I desire to meet with each client for an initial consultation prior to any photography shoot. This can be over the phone, Zoom, or in-person. I want to learn more about you and your goals for your headshot or portrait session. During the photo shoot (whether it is for headshots or portraits) I plan on spending a minimum of 20-30 minutes (longer for portrait sessions) as there will be multiple poses and possibly lighting changes. There may even be wardrobe changes too. Your investment includes the following: -Time to set-up (lighting, backdrop, other photography equipment) -Travel time (if applicable) -Pre/post consultation(s) -Professional photography editing -High resolution digital images -Photo image release -A professional and fun experience
I shoot headshots out of my home (in Noblesville, IN). However, I am also willing to travel to your location (if possible, within reason). For corporate/business headshots, I prefer to set-up and shoot on-location. For portrait photography sessions, I can come to you and/or meet at a desired location (e.g. park, scenic backdrop, location in your home, etc.). We can discuss specifics during the consultation.
The available backdrops I utilize are shown on my Photography Services page. Alternately, I am more than willing to utilize a backdrop of your choosing (e.g. room/wall in your home, location backdrop, etc.).
Cash or check, preferred (check made out to “Will Hoyler Photography”). I can also accept PayPal, however, they deduct processing fees. I may take credit card payments in the future. For now, I am keeping things simple, while also bypassing credit card processing fees (which would necessitate an increase in my pricing).
Short answer, no. Simply put (and I have told clients this), I am not a plastic surgeon, nor will I edit your photo such that it produces a less-than-reality depiction of you. Plus, I have seen photo “fixes” whose results are fake, if not hideous! I, personally, do not want my work to reflect that. During my post-editing process, I automatically edit things such as photo clarity, sharpness, tone, shadows, etc. From a touch-up standpoint, I can also remove things such as small flyaway hairs, small debris on apparel, and also small skin blemishes (e.g. cut, cold sore, light acne).
No and yes. Weddings are a huge deal as there many layers of emotion, importance, and expectations. As such, there are many things that can potentially go wrong and sully the moment and the event. For myself, I do not want my photography to be one of those things. However, I do know of excellent local wedding photographers that I would love to suggest to you. From a non-photography standpoint, I am actually ordained and am willing to consider officiating a Christian wedding service (there would be a cost associated with this). If interested, let’s chat further.
It depends. For headshots, I tend to provide at least five photos. For portrait sessions, there will be 10-20 photos.
You will get your high-resolution digital photos via a secure online album portal. No, I do not offer, order, and/or supply photo prints. There are many retail outlets (both in-person or online) who provide a wide-array of photo printing options and services for you to choose from.
Yes. There will be an opportunity to either review the photos in-person or via a secure online album portal.